Annie Rogers

Dear friends,
Words cannot express how sad and sorry I am and how I hate to see you go through this. I pray peace and comfort for you all.
Wanda was one of the most supportive, loving people I’ve ever met. She became part of my “family by love” after a few years of friendship and we knew we’d love each other forever no matter what. Through all the years I knew her she was there to help me any way she could. It might have been with a couch or bed for as long as I needed, a ride wherever no matter how far or what time it was or she’d loan me her car(even after I dented the bumper), just like a mom or aunt would do.
Most of all I could count on her when I needed support. Sometimes she’d grab a box of tissues so we could get it all worked out through a good long cry. She could relate to and share some wisdom about most anything. Then, she’d say something to make me laugh or say let’s go do something and get my mind on something else. Other times we didn’t say much. She would just find the best way to get through the day whether we watched a movie, went somewhere, ate or just took a nap. She would tell me when I was messing up but back me up even if I was wrong.
I hate to think how it might have been if she hadn’t been in my life during my pregnancy. It was a very hard and often unhappy time in my life. I practically lived at her house and she did all she could to keep me happy and healthy during that very difficult time. That was the year she insisted(and we all know you couldn’t tell her no if she insisted)I go with her and Big R to the Easy Rider Rodeo and Spaghetti Warehouse, just to get me out of the house, out of North Lewisburg and have a good time.
I will cherish her and try to always love and give freely like she did. I’m glad God let us in each other’s lives, which also led me to so many of you. It will be good to see her in heaven with her new body and free from pain.

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