i know you probably don’t know me. I know your daughter does. And you probably know my family. I am Faith Speicher.
my bother austin speicher
my mom Shawna speicher
my sister patience belville
my dad david speicher

I want you to know i really am sorry for your son. He probably never talked about me. We would hang out before and after football and cheer practice and sometimes at school… Idk why i didn’t tell anyone how he felt. he told me what happened at school and, i told him what happened to me. He told me he had felt like killing himself before but i didnt know how to react and I’ve blamed myself of a long time i miss him so much. I told him i didn’t know want i would do without him cause i just needed someone to vent to and it was him. I felt useless without him there and i got more depressed than i was before and i cant imagine how you feel. I am so sorry. i should have said something an i wish i had. i got so depressed..i switched school districts cause i was so tired of getting bullied and he wasnt there to talk to. I know that everywhere you go there are bullies and bigger school…more of them come after you. I know how he felt. I felt hopeless this year at the end of February i was sent to the hospital for trying to kill myself. If my mom wouldnt have found me i would have been gone. An wouldnt be writing this. I realize now if i was gone…idk how it would affect the people around me. I won’t give up. i..i…i just wish he was here to tell him this. I am so sorry. I really am. I miss him so.
Faith Speicher
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