James R. Warren

Dear Judy:
Please accept the apologies of Peggy and I for not making it to the Funeral or the showing. Both my sister and I were pleased that you had the celebration this summer and that we were able to be a part of it. You certainly did a great job in making it a such a success and Polly was duly honored.
Hopefully the following comments will serve in lieu of my personal appearance. With the expectation of such a large crowd we will not be missed and you will have your hands full for those two days and thereafter for quite some time.
If I counted right, there are 27 names mentioned in the newspaper account. You can always look back and reflect with great pleasure how by the grace of God you were able to enrich the lives of both of your parents with so many offspring. You were a fruitful daughter and no doubt contributed to the long life of Polly. In addition you certainly are to be commended for the special way in which you cared for her in her later years.
When I was a teenager I spent two summers with Maynard and Mildred and enjoyed the company of Pauline and Cecil. It was a lasting experience to work with Cecil. What an interesting and enjoyable person he was as was Aunt Polly. Polly graduated from High School the year I was born and it may have been that Polly and Mildred helped my Mother while she was convalescing from my birth.
Cecil has been gone for nearly 30 years. I remember he and I going over to Columbus regarding the allowance of his Social Security. He had an Oldsmobile, either an 88 or 98 I am not certain. He had me drive and told me to try it out. I am not certain what he had under the hood but when I pushed on the pedal, it took off like no car I ever owned.
We won our case doubtless to the testimony of Cecil rather than because of his counsel.
Even though Cecil has been gone so long, yet and all they were together for nearly 50 years, and I am sure that they looked back on them as good years.
While we want to have our parents as long as we can, we know from experience that it cannot go on indefinitely in this life. In Polly’s case it is comforting to know that this life was not the end for her and that in resurrection she will continue on and without the limitations and weaknesses that are our present experience.
Take good care of yourself, enjoy the good memories that you have of both of your parents. If you are like me, it seems that whatever we did was simply not enough, and would like to have done more.
Jim Warren

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