Jason M Blann -- at BonTon DC West Jefferson

In the six months I have spent with Mr. Fuller (he was my manager) he has graciously given me a tremendous opportunity in a fresh new start, coming from a work environment as a warehouse manager from my previous job to being on the management team here at the BonTon DC, to pumping so much information and skills into my head in such a short time.
We really clicked and were tight from day one, and have learned and gained so much in such a short time; I have great respect and give much credit to Chris for his unique style of leadership and vast skills in computer and systems management, that has really opened my eyes to an entirely new level of how I perceive things and manage my affairs there to what I am able to do there now, to help move his vision forward as his dream was to start up and grow a solid core foundation of the team that we have now, and use that foundation to build and add on to that team as the company grows and moves forward.
My vision is to continue to carry that forward in honor of Chris and his dreams to make this environment to be the best it can be for everyone in there.
He thought and frequently spoke very highly of his people there, and strongly encouraged them daily to be the best they can be, because they are the best; and his passion has reached and touched many here.
It has been a true honor and privilege to be a small part of his life and am proud to have worked for what I believe is one of the strongest leaders I have ever worked for; and hope to do what I can to continue to carry that passion forward into the future.
Our thoughts and prayers are with you that God will bring love and healing to your family through this time; and to know that we stand with you into this holiday season firmly, so you are not alone.
Most Sincerely,
Jason M Blann DC-192 West Jefferson Pick Tower Lead

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