Jennifer Manson

Dear Joan & Ann, It’s with a sad heart that I write a message to you both. Mark & I met at the reception of a wedding we both attended when I lived in Kettering Ohio during my college years. I had dated Mark in 1978-1980, I recall being part of your family during that brief time and the both of you were very important to Mark then, as I am sure that is probably still the case. I am sure you both will miss him tremendously. He was for me one of the nicest men I had a relationship with during that point in my life. I missed him then & I will never get to tell him that now. You have my deepest sympathy, love, and respect in your loss. I remember a man that was full of life, with fun loving spirit, and full of zest for having a good time with family & friends. I am sure you will miss him. Love, Jennifer (McFarland) Manson.

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