Missy Masters

Mark and Lila, Dominick, and Megan,
I was so very sorry to read about your mother’s and grandmother’s death. When I heard of her stroke, I had been praying for her healing, but had not heard anything recently about her. Each of you will be in my thoughts and prayers as you go through this very difficult time of loss of such a very caring, loving mom and grandma. I always enjoyed my times with her. – One of my most special memories was when she lived on Elm St. and it was winter time and we had had a really bad snow storm. Our old dog, Gertie got loose and we couldn’t find her anywhere. We walked all around our area, asking people if they had seen her. I can’t remember who it was, but I think it was one of your family members who told me that Millie had found a little dog and had her at her house. When I got to her house, Millie told me she just loved all animals and she had seen Gertie down near the Catholic Church, stuck in a hollowed out snow circle that she couldn’t get out of! She said she was just going around in circles! She felt sorry for her and bundled her up in a blanket and kept her warm till I came and got her. Your mom/grandma was an angel on earth to me that day! It meant so much to get our dog back! She was a kind and caring soul and I’m sure she is going to continue to watch over her family and loved ones from her special place in Heaven. My love and condolences to each of you and the entire Stokes Family,
Missy Masters

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