Ryan J Baker

I was informed about Mary’s passing by my mom linda baker. I met Mary once when my dad Joe brought me up to her house a few years ago.She was very nice and I would have loved to get to know her more.I’m really sorry for the loss in the family. I have been trying to find my dad for a few years now and this seems to be my best option because this message will reach someone in the family. My name is Ryan j Baker, I am Joe slone’s son. We got in touch a few years back and thanks to a horrible ex I lost all of his contact info and since I’ve tried reaching out through child support or facebook with no results. For any Slone family member who sees this message, please have Joe contact me. My number is 614-832-7870. Again im sorry of all places to write this would be here but I am completely out of options. I just want to be able to see my dad again and introduce him to my daughter and 2 sons.

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