Tom Gates II

To the Denkewalter family,
The Family & friends of Bill have lost something wonderful with Bill’s passing.
I know in my heart that his drive for continuing education, community involvement & the most sincere thoughts to help his fellow man will not fade.
We met at school when we attended St. Mary’s & I remember a kind, exceptionally intelligent young man who befriended me early on & always seemed to look out for my best interests.
He was wise beyond his years, even then.
I will NEVER forget the “focus” he tried to instill in me, even at that young age.
Over the years, I have related the story of how he helped me build a laser for our sixth grade science fair for Mr. Bernings’ class.
I had procrastinated long enough that I wouldn’t be ready to show & he said he had an idea, so I went to his house on a Saturday to build the project.
Later that day, when Mrs. Denkewalter came into their garage, she only said to do a good job, (& something about not burning the house down).
Bill always seemed to be there for me.
The greatest thing about that day for me was & still is, Bill is my friend & he was DETERMINED that I had a good, presentable project.
I will never forget that day.
He helped me to first place.
My thoughts are of Bill & my prayers are with his wonderful family.
I will miss you Bill.
Tommy Gates

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